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Use your favorite design program or word processor. MS Publisher, MS Word, Photoshop etc… If you can enter pixels for the document dimensions, use 675 pixels wide by 1,125 pixels tall. If you have to enter the size in inches, use 2.25″ wide by 3.75″ tall. Make 4 panels and export them to PNG, JPG, TIF, or PDF. Then you can upload those when ordering.

I recommend the popular site Canva.com. Create a free account and then setup a new document that is exactly 675 pixels wide by 1,125 pixels tall. Use Canva’s tools and free layouts to design the panel. Then repeat for the other 3 sides. Download the the 4 resulting PNG files and then upload them to my site for production. Each panel will fill the entire side of the box and leave a 1/8″ white border around it. So, it is safe to run text all the way to the edges of your panel if you desire. The text will not be in danger of being too close to the creases.

No, you provide the fillers. I just print the boxes and ship them flat to you. Once you get them, you fold them up, fill them with whatever you like, and use them in your daily marketing, client visits, trade shows, etc.

You bet! Our template is available for Adobe Illustrator. Call Greg at +1 636-542-8560 to have it emailed to you. This is a good way to go if you want to do a full, wraparound design.

In short, INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED HARD CANDIES. Why? Your box will sit out longer and you’ll get more exposure each time someone reaches for a treat. I don’t recommend anything that will melt (like Hershy’s Kisses) unless you are certain the boxes won’t get hot while in your car or hanging on a door knob.

We produce in-house Monday through Friday. Your order ships out the day after you place it. Delivery time is 2 – 3 days after your order ships.

About the size of a soda can. The box is 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 4″ for a total volume of 25 cubic inches. The handle adds an extra inch in height. The box will hold roughly 40 – 50 Jolly Rancher sized candies.

You can attached a ribbon or rubber band and use them as very noticeable door hangers
or attach balloons and use the box as a balloon weight filled with goodies.

Extremely! The boxes are printed on 12 pt. clay-coated, food-safe paperboard. They have a unique semi-gloss finish as we use no harmful laminates or toxic UV or gloss coatings.